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About - Agave Creations
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Agave Creations – Recycling Nature

In late 2018, Barry Gildenhuys started his new business venture, Agave Creations. Inspired by the natural beauty and fauna & flora of the Klein Karoo, he saw an opportunity working with what nature has made available in abundance. Built on the ethos of “recycling nature”, Agave Creations was born.

The Agave Americana plant (also known as the Century plant) takes about 10 – 25 years to mature into a fully grown plant. The plant becomes dormant and dies once it has flowered and produced its seeds. Barry harvests the dead mature plants and uses the root to produce beautiful original decor pieces. Although the Agave plant is not indigenous, it does not pose a major threat to the South African eco system. The plant is currently classified as a category 3 non-native species.

Current products include lampshades and candle holders, planters, bowls, djembe drums and more.

About Barry (Founder, Agave Creations)

Barry Gildenhuys was born and bred in the beautiful little town of Swellendam. He was employed and gained experience as a metal worker in England during the early 2000’s. On his return to South Africa, he qualified and practised as a commercial diver across the continent. Due to an accident in 2013, Barry suffered a brain injury and has spent the last few years rebuilding his life living with his disability. Since he can no longer practice as a commercial diver, he has been finding ways to live out his creative passions though metal & wood work in the Klein Karoo region. His current base is the picturesque Groenfontein Valley outside Calitzdorp (Western Cap). He hopes to continue bringing new one of a kind products to the South African consumer, and in return create sustainable job opportunities within the community around him.